What is SASC Ottawa?

    The Sexual Assault Support center (SASC) is a registered Canadian charity and community-based organization that was established in 1983. We support all womyn: cis or trans, immigrant, aboriginal, queer, differently abled, womyn of colour, survivors of war and torture.

    (Charity Registration: 107971806RR0001)

Our Philosophy

SASC believes that sexual violence is not about sexual desire. Sexual violence is about power and control. SASC views survivor reactions to sexual violence as normal, healthy responses. SASC supports womyn survivors through respect, empowerment, shared experiences, and strength. SASC is a feminist organization committed to political action and social change. SASC believes that gender-based violence prevents all women from achieving full political, social, and economic equality. SASC believes that our commitment to end gender-based violence means we must also work to end oppression based on race, class, sexual orientation, religion, and ability.

The Work We Do

Our purpose is to provide survivor-directed support services by womyn, to womyn who have experienced sexual violence. We strive to increase public awareness and offer training on the issues and effects of violence against womyn. We also engage in action to pressure for change in the structures and systems that contribute to the practice, maintenance, and tolerance of violence, oppression, discrimination and exploitation. Our work is informed by the principles of a feminist, anti-oppression framework, and our vision is a society free of all forms of violence.