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Volunteer FAQ

Who may volunteer at SASC?

SASC volunteers must be womyn-identified, over the age of 18, and hold a commitment to anti-oppression.

If SASC is a womyn only space, do I have to be a womyn to volunteer?

Volunteers must identify as womyn to be a SASC support worker.

If I identify as a trans and/or non-cis may I volunteer at SASC?

Yes. SASC aspires to become a safer space for all womyn (specifically for trans womyn, trans-feminine people, and gender-queer womyn), not just cis-womyn.

How can I benefit from being a part of SASC?

  • Access training that prepares you to offer support to the survivors of sexual violence.
  • Gain a chance to do political activism within the feminist movement.
  • Access an opportunity to become involved in the anti-violence community.
  • Learn about the diverse experience of women within our community.
  • Access a place to connect with other women.
  • Gain valuable work experience.
  • Take initiative and make things happen.
  • Join a safe place to be empowered in.

What’s involved in the work of a Volunteer?

  • Assisting in the coverage of our 24-hour Support Line.
  • Participating in our programs, e.g. YWAR (Young Womyn Program), Womyn & War, co-facilitation of our support groups and drop-ins, public education, legal advocacy, assistance with fundraising, and individual support.
  • Understanding of our Feminist-based support work model.
  • Participating in political feminist activism.
  • Contributing towards our anti-oppression work.
  • Acting with respect for others, and sharing power and knowledge.
  • Assisting in the training of new volunteers, and participating in on-going personal development.
    • Ready to be a SASC Support Worker? Read more on the process here.


Support line: (613) 234-2266
Office line: (613) 725-2160