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Becoming a SASC Volunteer

    • 1. Read through the Expectations of a Volunteer:
    • You can read the Expectations of a volunteer HERE.Make sure you take your time to ask yourself if you’re in a place right now where you will be able to manage the expectations that come with support work and volunteering.
    • 2. Contact our office for an Entrance Interview:
    • If you’ve completed steps 1, and are interested in joining our Collective, contact us at (613) 725-2160 ext.233, or e-mail us at Our Public Education Coordinator will get in touch with you to set-up an Interview where we can discuss SASC’s work and how you can contribute to it.
    • 3. Complete our Volunteer Training:
    • We typically offer volunteer training twice per year. Our Winter/Spring training, Summer/Fall. Our training is open to all women experiencing marginalization based on their racial or socio-economic background, sexual identity or orientation, as well as learning and physical differences that are interested in supporting survivors of gender-based violence. The training takes about 5 weeks, preparing you to become a support worker and volunteer at SASC.


Support line: (613) 234-2266
Office line: (613) 725-2160