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Support Groups

    • Specialized Groups

      We offer support groups to women who have survived sexual violence. We run four general support groups per year, both daytime and evening. We also offer a Mothers Group once a year to mothers of survivors of sexual violence, as well as a group for women who identify as multiple (having multiple parts to their personality). Women can sign up for the wait list, and the facilitators will connect with them when dates are confirmed. Our groups usually include 8 to 10 women, and  two SASC facilitators. The duration of the groups is 15-20 weeks, with meetings once per week for 2.5-3 hours on Wednesdays. Our groups are survivor-directed, with topics and agendas arranged collectively by the group members.

      For information,  please contact or give us a call at 613-857-0197.

Drop-In Groups

A drop-in group is a support group open to all women survivors of sexual violence and abuse. The group lasts for 3 hours each week. The first half of the group is a topic discussion and the second half of the group is time for women to share parts of their story if they wish to. Free snacks, coffee, and tea are available to all. Bus tickets are available in situations of financial need. Our Centre is physically accessible.

You do not need to register and you can join at any time throughout the group. You will need to contact SASC to find out the address of the Centre as our physical building is in a confidential location.

For information,  please contact or give us a call at 613-857-0197.


Support line: (613) 234-2266
Office line: (613) 725-2160