SASC in the Media: Anti-Black Racism in Ottawa

Today, our public education and media coordinator gave a speech regarding racism, oppression and lack of accountability by the police. The press conference was held in solidarity with the Coalition for Justice for Abdirahman and had many panelists speaking of their efforts and recommendations to end racism and oppression in Ottawa, to ensure that innocent lives like Mr. Abdi are not taken too soon. The live stream of the press conference can be found on the Justice for Abdirahman Facebook page.

Read about Abdi’s fatal encounter with Ottawa Police on


August 3, 2016

The newly formed coalition Justice for Abdirahman will be holding a press conference on Thursday, August 4, 2016 to provide a consolidated list of recommendations for all three levels of government, the Ottawa Police Service, the Ottawa Police Services Board, and responsible police oversight agencies, in light of the tragic death of Abdirahman Abdi. The coalition will be joined by community allies.

Justice for Abdirahman is an Ottawa-based coalition representing Somali community members and Somali organizations in Ottawa, and is supported by local and national advocacy groups. The objective of the coalition’s campaign is to obtain greater transparency, challenge racial inequity, and bring positive change in order to secure justice for Abdirahman.
WHERE:Ottawa City Hall, Councillor’s Lounge (2nd floor)
WHEN : Thursday, August 4, 2016
TIME:1 p.m. EST
WHY: To present key recommendations to all levels of government to address systemic gaps in how law enforcement agencies respond to vulnerable communities.