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SASC Ottawa Is Hiring! Young Women Program Coordinator


SASC Ottawa is looking for a Young Women Program! Do you have a passion for supporting survivors in your community Send your resume to by August 9th, 2023

Young Women Program Coordinator – Summary and Job Description

  1. About the Centre

The Sexual Assault Support Centre of Ottawa is a survivor directed, non-profit organization providing services to survivors of sexual violence. We believe that a community free of sexual and gender -based violence is possible and we are committed to doing our part to build it. We serve the Ottawa area. 


  1. Position Summary

The Young Women Program is one of SASC Ottawa’s specialized programs, providing specialized services to young survivors of sexual violence and their families. 

The person in this position will have primary responsibility for Outreach & Public Education, Individual and Group Support, Advocacy & Accompaniments and all program grant related services. They will provide all services to survivors, using the feminist, anti oppression, survivor directed, peer support framework. They will maintain Program records and collaborate with the rest of the staff team and with volunteers, in meeting the support work needs identified in all Centre Grants. Detailed duties are outlined in the position job description.

It is therefore essential that the person in this position complete the Centre’s volunteer training. In addition, the person in this position will report directly to the Executive Director with respect to all aspects of their job description and collaborate with the staff team in carrying out the Centre’s annual priorities.

There is a possibility of renewal at the end of the contract.


  1. Essential qualifications

SASC Ottawa volunteer training (or successful participation in the first available training offered, after hiring); Computer and social media literacy; Excellent verbal and written communication; Successful completion of a vulnerable sector check. Completion of a post secondary diploma OR three years of experience providing survivor directed support services using a feminist, survivor directed, anti oppression, intersectional approach (It is the responsibility of the Applicant to provide sufficient details in their application, to support this); knowledge and understanding of the issues facing young survivors of sexual and gender-based violence.


  • Compensation

This position anticipates a 35 hour work week. The compensation is a biweekly gross salary of $2016. There are no extended benefits offered for the duration of this contract.



Job Title and Description

The Employee will be employed by SASC Ottawa as the Young Women Program Coordinator from August 14th, 2023 to March 31st, 2024, to carry out the following responsibilities:

Outreach and Public Education

  • Provide outreach and public education to specifically identified communities of young women, around women’s rights and issues faced by marginalized young women and young women at risk for coming in conflict with the justice system.
  • Maintain awareness and sensitivity to the issues of marginalized young women and young women at risk (hitherto referred to as Young Women), for coming in conflict with the justice system and their families. 
  • Seek out and promote educational activities and effective advocacy in the subject matter that affect marginalized young women.
  •  Maintain an active knowledge of and list of community providers, of available services for marginalized young women.
  • Develop and deliver training programs and awareness campaigns related to topics of interest to young women, including legal and health topics and public awareness of young women’s issues, human rights and community development.
  •  Provide home visits with young women who are isolated or cannot leave their homes because of fear, physical condition or child care issues (as a last resort and under the supervision of the SASC Ottawa Accessibility Officer).
  • Advocate for clients with social services, affordable housing and other basic needs where they do not have other supports available to use.
  • Provide information about resources available in the community, based on the women’s identified needs e.g to navigate the medical and legal and socio cultural systems.
  •  Actively participate on behalf of the Employer and as directed by the Employer in local initiatives related to young women’s rights and justice.
  • Build and maintain networks with diverse communities and community partner agencies.
  • Develop and facilitate the preparation of memorandums/letters of understanding between SASC and partnering agencies
  • Maintain current and historical program documentation in an accessible format and location for use by the Centre.
  • Develop and maintain existing partnerships and provide services as needed by the Program and the Centre based on the priorities identified in discussion with the Executive Director.

Individual and group Support 

  • Minimum three hours per week of weekly spots available for individual support
  • Telephone support as needed as often as calls come in to cell phone provided for the work
  • Crisis calls and referrals as they occur 
  • Provide education and maintain contacts with individuals and organizations with specialized information such as doctors, lawyers and other specialities as part of providing individual support 
  • Two or more groups for a total of 10 weeks each, during the year for the YWP and be available for one additional group in the general program
  • Maintain availability for such other direct services as may be necessary to meet the needs of SASC Ottawa service users


Advocacy and Accompaniment –

  • Provide advocacy around young women’s rights and gender-based discrimination, to various institutions in the community. 
  • Maintain ongoing availability to take on legal advocacy and accompaniment as the need arises within the YWP.


– As outlined in various funding Agreements 

Quarterly and Year-end Reports

– Prepare and submit detailed quarterly reports on project accomplishments, according to a workplan established annually. 

–  During the contract year, address service gaps and improve Program capacity

– Identify and maintain long and shorter term partnerships for ongoing Program related work according to the demands of the Program 

General Responsibilities (required by all full time workers):


  • Take on and complete agreed upon household chores.
  • Keep up to date on community resources and relevant issues and bring them forward at staff and volunteer meetings.
  • Participate as an active team member by maintaining close contact with co-workers, providing support and attending scheduled staff meetings.
  • Remain a member of the Organization in good standing (without unresolved accountability issues and up to date vulnerable sector checks)
  • Participate in shared responsibilities of staff and members as agreed to from time to time at staff meetings or as assigned by the Executive Director
  • Report directly to the Executive Director with respect to all employment related activities. 
  • Be accountable for open and timely communication. Follow up, acknowledge receipt of correspondences, confirm understanding of decisions, and communicate concerns regarding your workload, before it becomes overwhelming.   
  • Keep records of and complete appropriate reports (quarterly Statistics and Staff Reports )for all work activities and bring these to the Executive Director on a quarterly basis or when requested 
  • Other duties as assigned by the Executive Director.



Support Work (required of all full time workers with individual Program variations):


  • Minimum of two weekly spots available for individual support. 
  • Minimum of one support line shift per month.
  • Co-facilitate a minimum of one 10-15 week support group per year, as discussed with Direct Service Coordinator.
  • Take on two legal advocacy and accompaniment clients per year.
  • Initiate and/or participate in outreach and fundraising activities.

This position contemplates in-person work. 

SASC Ottawa strives to reflect the diversity in our community. We therefore encourage all women and non-binary individuals, including women of colour, transwomen, Indigenous women, LGBTQ2++ and women with disabilities to apply.

Applications will be accepted until August 9th, 2023, 12:00 p.m.

We thank all those who apply, however we will only be contacting candidates selected for an interview

Please address your Resume and cover letter to the Executive Director at by August 9th, 2023 at 12:00 p.m.

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