Our Young Womyn Program (YWP) specializes in supporting young marginalized womyn between the ages of 14-24 who have experienced intersecting challenges.

Young Womyn Empowerment Project:

Every year the Young Womyn Program includes an Empowerment Project component.

2019: TELUS Project

This year, the TELUS Empowerment Project is an opportunity for a group of young womyn to collectively create their own multi-media campaign to support other young womyn in similar circumstances. The project focuses on skill- building in a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere where the group discusses various topics related to violence against womyn, peer-support and advocacy. This empowerment groups provides an opportunity for young womyn to learn new media skills, facilitate a community project and support one another.


Telus Focus Group (1)


For real time updates/ information, please follow us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram @sascottawa and contact our Young Womyn Project Coordinator at 613-234-2266 or at ywpc@sascottawa.com