MONDAY, JULY 29th 2019

Over 25% increase in sexual violence reported to police in 2018 –  almost doubling 2016 reports – The Sexual Assault Support Centre of Ottawa (SASC) trying to keep up with the demand

Ottawa, ON – Statistics Canada has reported that Ottawa has seen more than a 25% increase in police-reported sexual violence in 2018. Total police-reported sexual violence has almost doubled since 2016.

This increase is a result of multiple factors; more survivors are coming forward, we are building a more supportive community to welcome survivors, and there is a broader acceptance that sexual violence is never okay and it can be stopped. SASC Ottawa hasn’t just seen an increase in survivors requesting services, but also in a demand for public education, trainings, and workshops.

Last year, we engaged with almost 300 events and community groups sharing our message of a community free of sexual violence. The Sexual Assault Support Centre of Ottawa supports women identified people of sexual violence ages 12 and up throughout Ottawa. All of our services are free of charge. Of course we acknowledge the support of private donors, government funders, and countless volunteers; without whom, we could not do the work we do.

“This increase is only of those reported, without allusion to the 83% which are unreported and which Sexual Assault Centres regularly see. Inevitably, with increasing incidents; there’s increasing cost across the gamit of our financial and health care institutions.

It is obvious to us in this dispensation, that it is time to invest monetarily in grassroots services. Grassroots services are being provided by our local Sexual Assault Centres and have been for decades.

We have heard the promises and we are grateful for the increasing recognition of our work; but where is the tangible and sustaining financial support/increased funding for Sexual Assault Centres, even as our communal awareness of the needs of survivors grows” says the Executive Director of the Sexual Assault Support Centre of Ottawa, Ezioma Nnorom.

For more information please reach out to:

Amina Doreh – Public Education & Media Coordinator – SASC Ottawa


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2018 Statistics Canada report can be found here.