About Individual Support at SASC

  • Trained SASC support workers
  • One to one, face to face
  • Confidential
  • Non-judgmental, non victim-blaming
  • Feminist peer support model
  • No intake, share as much as you want
  • No records or files
  • Support is free of charge
  • Wheelchair accessible space
  • Women-only space
  • Daytime or evening appointments available
  • Short and long-term options
  • We just require a name (first is fine) and contact number or email to reach you

Individual Support Quote

On-Going Support (20 Weeks)

dialogUp to 20 weeks of individual support for womyn who have experienced sexual violence with a SASC support worker. Appointments are generally once per week, one hour sessions. There can be a wait time of up to approximately 6 months before the first appointment. Periodically, our wait list is closed to prevent longer wait times. No intake, no files, you can gain empowering support from one of our workers. The 20 weeks is typically used to discuss and receive support around issues of healing, coping, and surviving. We support womyn where they are and where they are looking to go.

Quick Response/Emergency Support (3 Time)statement

We offer up to 3 sessions for survivors of sexual violence with one of our trained SASC support workers. The appointments can be booked within a week or two. Typically one  to three sessions within a few weeks. Day and evening appointments are available. We can provide more immediate crisis support, information on coping strategies and referrals to other services. There is an ongoing waiting list and you will be taken on within a week or two.