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Who may volunteer at SASC?

SASC volunteers must be womyn-identified, over the age of 18 and hold a commitment to anti-oppression.

If SASC is a womyn only space, do I have to be a womyn to volunteer?

Volunteers must identify as womyn to be on the collective.

If I identify as a trans and/or non-cis may I volunteer at SASC?

Yes. SASC aspires to become a safer space for all womyn (specifically for trans womyn, transfeminine people, and gender-queer womyn), not just cis-women.

How can I benefit from being a part of SASC?

  • Access training that prepares you to offer support to the survivors of sexual violence.
  • Gain a chance to do political activism within the feminist movement.
  • Access an opportunity to become involved in the anti-violence community.
  • Learn about the diverse experience of women within our community.
  • Access a place to connect with other women.
  • Gain valuable work experience.
  • Take initiative and make things happen.
  • Join a safe place to be empowered in.
  • Participate directly in our decision-making.

What’s involved in the work of a Collective Member?

  • Assisting in the coverage of our 24-hour Support Line.
  • Participating in our programs, e.g. YWAR (Young Womyn At Risk), Womyn & War, co-facilitation of our support groups and drop-ins, public education, legal advocacy, assistance with fundraising, and individual support.
  • Understanding of our Feminist-based support work model.
  • Participating in political feminist activism.
  • Contributing towards our anti-oppression work.
  • Acting with respect for others, and sharing power and knowledge.
  • Participating in our decision making process.
  • Assisting in the training of new Collective Members, and participating in on-going personal development.


Join the collective

list1. Read through the Expectations of a Collective Member

You can read the Expectations of a Collective Member here.

Make sure you take your time to ask yourself if you’re in a place right now where you will be able to manage the Collective’s expectations.

documentation2. Complete this self-guided pre-screening questionnaire

Take a look at the pre-screening questionnaire below. These questions are to help you assess whether you will be up to challenge of Support Work, which can be both rewarding and emotionally draining. It will also ask you to reflect on your personal beliefs and biases, and whether they are compatible with a Feminist-based support model.

SASC 2016 Self-screening Questionnaire for Potential Volunteers

dialog3. Contact our office for an Entrance Interview

If you’ve completed steps 1-2, and are interested in joining our Collective, contact us at (613) 725-2160 ext.233, or e-mail us at

One of our Collective Members will get in touch with you to set-up an Interview where we can discuss SASC’s work and how you can contribute to it.

4. Complete our 80-Hour Collective Member Trainingproductivity

We typically offer volunteer training twice per year. Our spring training, beginning in April, is open to all women, while our fall one, beginning in September, is only open to women experiencing marginalization based on their racial or socio-economic background, sexual identity or orientation, as well as learning and physical differences. The training takes about 80 hours, preparing you to become a support worker and a collective member at SASC.