About YWAR

Our Young Women at Risk program (YWAR) specializes in supporting young marginalized womyn between the ages of 14-24 who have experienced intersecting challenges. In addition to marginalization and criminalization, the womyn we support often experience poverty, early childhood abuse, and state intervention (protective and/or punitive). Some areas we offer support in may include, but are not limited to: healing from physical and sexual abuse, recognizing abuse and its effects, parenting, supporting healthy relationships, effects of family history, coping mechanisms, communication and assertiveness.

The YWAR program believes in the power of young womyn to share knowledge of support and advocacy with one another as a means of gaining strength, resiliency, and building community. We firmly believe that all young womyn are dynamic and valuable participants in our communities.

The YWAR program recognizes that marginalized young womyn face many barriers to accessing support, and often face violence due to criminalization, discrimination, and lack of social services. Therefore, we seek to provide flexible and accessible services.

YWAR Programs

Young Mothers Group – Voices of Young Womyn

YWAR runs Voices of Young Womyn, a weekly peer support group at St. Mary’s Home for pregnant and parenting mothers. This is a confidential, non-judgmental space that focuses on knowledge sharing, a space to talk about personal experiences, and building community.

Empowerment Groups

The YWAR program runs empowerment groups, three to four weeks in duration, that seek to bring young womyn together to work on skill- building projects in a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere of an art group. The group discusses various topics related to violence against womyn, peer-support and advocacy. The empowerment groups provide an opportunity for young womyn to learn new skills, facilitate community projects, and support one another.

Workshops and Outreach

The YWAR program is available to host workshops in youth focused community spaces. Our workshops are oriented around young womyn’s empowerment and skill building. All of our workshops are a combination of arts-based activities and discussions that are led by our service users.
If you would like us to host a workshop on such topics as peer support, gender-based violence, young motherhood, or a topic related to your specific organization please contact us at 613-725-2160 ext. 224 or at ywar@sascottawa.com

YWAR Services

  • Individual support and advocacy
  • Court support and accompaniment
  • Group support
  • Workshops and public education

Resources for young womyn

Check out some great zines on our Resources page!

Youth Line

Court Prep (Prepare for Court)

Additional video about the program by the Canadian Women’s Foundation.