Our Young Womyn Project (YWP) specializes in supporting young marginalized womyn between the ages of 14-24 who have experienced intersecting challenges.

The YWP believes in the power of young womyn to share knowledge of support and advocacy with one another as a means of gaining strength, resiliency and building community. We firmly believe that all young womyn are leading experts in determining their own needs all while being dynamic and valuable participants in our communities.

The YWP recognizes that marginalized young womyn face many barriers to accessing support, and often face violence due to criminalization, discrimination and lack of social services. Therefore, we seek to provide flexible and accessible services.

Some areas we offer support in may include, but are not limited to: healing from sexual violence, recognizing abuse and its effects, supporting healthy relationships, effects of family violence, coping mechanisms, communication and assertiveness.

Young Womyn Project Services:

  • Individual support
  • Group Support
  • Advocacy/Accompaniment
  • Empowerment Groups
  • Workshops
  • Public Education & Awareness

If you are a young womyn-identifying survivor seeking support please text/call the YWP Project Coordinator at 613-868-4340


Young Womyn Empowerment Project: Every year the Young Womyn Project includes an Empowerment component.

2020 TELUS Project: This was an opportunity for a group of young womyn to collectively create their own multi-media campaign using new and traditional media to support other young womyn in similar circumstances. The project focused on creating a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere where the group discussed various topics related to challenges faced as a young womyn. This empowerment group provided an opportunity for young womyn to facilitate an art and technology based community project all while supporting and learning from one another. 

Workshops and Outreach

The YWP is available to host workshops in youth focused community spaces. Our workshops are oriented around young womyn’s empowerment and skill building. All of our workshops are a combination of information and discussions on issues that affect young womyn. It is often that we also include an art-expressive component in our facilitation. If you would like us to host a workshop on topics as self-care, legal issues, sexual violence or a topic related to your specific organizations needs please contact our Young Womyn Project Coordinator at 613-868-4340 or 613-725-2160 ext 224 or via e-mail at ywpc@sascottawa.com

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